Snip Daltile - Tile flooring in a kitchen

Tile Installers in Loudonville, OH

It’s tough to beat the depth of customization tile gives you for a bath space or kitchen backsplash. 

Tile installation is a notoriously difficult process. While doing it yourself is possible, we recommend finding a tile installer that knows the ins and outs of tile.

Getting started with tile

Choose your size.

Smaller tiles will make a small room feel more spacious. Larger tiles for larger rooms are usually a good idea because a bunch of small tiles can make a large room look too busy.

Work with your tile installer and designer to find the patterns you love.

Tile comes in every imaginable size, color, texture, and style. Unique accent blocks, color combinations, borders, and mosaics can also bring a sense of grandeur to a room.

Ceramic, porcelain, or stone–the options are many.

Whether you’re into a modern minimalist, Roman Grecian, or retro look…bring in the European vibes with tile.

Snip Daltile - Tile flooring in a dining room

Get a Professional Tile Installer on Your Side

Select a tile installer with attention to detail.

Tile installation can be grueling and takes patience. Make sure your tile installer demonstrates conscientious craftsmanship.

Find a tile installer that has experience.

You don’t want to be a guinea pig for someone’s first time installing tile.

Choose a tile installer only after having done your research.

A good history, several top-notch references, clear communication with you, clear dialogue about schedule and budget–all these are very necessary before you commit to a tile installer.

Brands We Love

Amazing lasting beauty

Tile done right is a dramatic influence on a space. Enjoy it for the long haul.

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