Quality Flooring Installation is the key to a stunning finish.

Somerset Character Collection Maple Pine Room

Good flooring doesn’t just happen. It starts with quality materials and a discerning eye for coordination. But it is only complete with a quality installation.

The Eloquin Install Difference

Don’t be a victim of a sloppy installation.

Designing your flooring and choosing a fantastic flooring package for a home is only half the story. A shoddy rather than a quality flooring installation can devastate the effect you’ve been so carefully planning.

Appreciate expert precision

Cutting corners is an especially bad idea when installing flooring. So are sloppy edge cuts and carelessness in the finishing touches. After all the effort you’ve put into interior design and selection, nothing is more disappointing than to have a home full of dings and bumps. Our team is highly focused on pristine flooring installation accuracy for a world-class finish.

Stay on schedule.

We are big on timeliness. It’s a matter of competency and valuing your time and schedule as much as we value your home. Avoid the disappointing schedule circus of careless installers. Opt in for the flooring installation of your dreams.

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