5 Reasons to Love Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is great for pets
luxury vinyl plank flooring

According to a 2022 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, vinyl or resilient flooring ranks second among the most popular floors (after hardwood) for kitchens. Yes, that’s right. Gone are the days when vinyl flooring was the lowest rung on the flooring ladder. Here are the days of luxury vinyl flooring.

What is luxury vinyl flooring?

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) are composite vinyl flooring products sold in either plank or tile shapes. Six to eight different layers make up this thick, semi-rigid product. Starting from the top down: 

1. Clear coating for polish and additional scratch resistance
2. Clear wear layer

Mils (roughly 40 mils to a millimeter) is the measurement that determines the thickness of the wear layer. If you are laying flooring in a heavily used area, you will want to invest in a floor that’s 20 mils or thicker.

3. Printed layer with design
4. Layer of foam for comfort and sound reduction
5. Fiberglass backing
6. PVC backing

At Eloquin, we’re not ashamed to claim LVT and LVP as our specialty. Here are a few of the reasons why we love luxury vinyl flooring.

luxury vinyl flooring

1. Luxury vinyl opens up a universe of design possibilities.

You can break out of the status quo and add a personal touch to your LVP floor with design components like decorative borders, grout effects, medallions, and inlaid patterns.

A. Herringbone designs

Houzz.com says of herringbone: “Using a herringbone tile pattern creates more movement on the floor, guides the eye, and helps makes the space feel more open and airy.” If you’re looking for a fresh, energetic room that looks more spacious than before, the herringbone design may be the ticket. 

Herringbone is not a new trend either. According to The Tallest Tree, herringbone was first used in European castles and later became a way for nobility to display their wealth and status. You can find herringbone floors in both Buckingham Palace and the White House.  

B. Decorative Borders

luxury vinyl plank flooring

Design strips installed between planks and tiles create a slim border or inlay. Borders typically feature a background color to match the main floor and a contrasting color within the border. Adding a grouted look with a border adds visual interest.

C. Medallions and in-laid patterns

Do you have a commercial space that needs a focal point to boldly define your company? Medallions make a great “first impression” in foyers and entryways. Medallions can also play up the grandeur of a large room or hallway. Installing a medallion correctly takes expertise so make sure you get the help of a professional floor installer.

D. In-laid patterns

luxury vinyl plank flooring

The fun amps up with in-laid patterns like Chantilly, Basket Weave, Diamond, Diagonal, Broken Chevron, Striped, and more. If you’re uncertain about installing a bold pattern in a main room, try it out in a bedroom or bathroom first.

E. Custom designs

Revolutionary floor patterns? Something totally different than you’ve ever seen on Instagram? If you love bringing your creativity to every aspect of your interior design, then be sure you don’t bypass the floors. If you can dream it, Eloquin can do it. Our designers will work with you to create the perfect custom accents for your home.

2. Luxury vinyl plank and tile are very durable.

luxury vinyl plank flooring

Luxury Vinyl floors can take a lot. They are waterproof, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant.

A. Waterproof

Luxury vinyl is often compared to laminate flooring. Laminate and luxury vinyl both mimic stone and wood and are composite products. However, when it comes to their ability to withstand moisture, luxury vinyl takes first place by a long shot!

Luxury vinyl performs better in high-moisture areas than laminate or hardwood. Most experts would not recommend hardwood floors in a bathroom, but you can get that look with LVP. Are you unsure about going to the bother of a ceramic stone or tile installation? Install LVT. It will be hard to tell the difference. 

luxury vinyl plank flooring

B. Scratch-resistant

Luxury vinyl planks and tiles come with a wear layer often coated with a polyurethane finish for optimal scratch resistance. Typically, the more mils (the thicker the wear layer) the more your planks will resist scratches. 

Remember, though, that there is a huge variety in LVP or LVT quality. Since different companies use different finishes, it’s always good to test a sample of the product you’re considering. Run a fork or knife over the surface, wipe it clean, and then check to see if you can see the marks. 

luxury vinyl plank flooring

C. Stain-resistant

Luxury vinyl won’t become discolored or stained from spills or mud. However, do avoid placing rubber-bottomed mats on your luxury vinyl. The chemicals in the mat reacting to the components of the vinyl can cause yellow stains on your floor.

3. Luxury vinyl works wonderfully with pets and kids.

luxury vinyl flooring

Kids and pets can both be a bit messy. But with a luxury vinyl floor, you won’t have to be on edge about that. Your kids can spill their breakfast milk, build their castles, and drive their toys. Your pets can drool over their bones or trek over your floors without leaving a mess of scratches. You can let them be themselves. 

At Eloquin, we’ve had clients with pets choose luxury vinyl over hardwood. They’ll do the whole house with luxury vinyl and warm up their spaces with area and bedside rugs. Cleaning up pet hair and not having to worry about scratches from claws–it’s simply a win-win. 

luxury vinyl flooring

4. Luxury vinyl is low-maintenance.

Your cleaning and maintenance routines are made simple with a luxury vinyl floor. 

A. Cleaning and maintenance

Luxury vinyl does not require waxing or shining. In fact, doing so may dull the wear layer. You also don’t have to reseal or add coatings as you might with hardwood floors. Sweep or vacuum regularly and wipe up any spills as soon as possible. Damp mop the floor once a week or so with a mild cleaner in warm water. 

luxury vinyl plank flooring

2. Repair

If one of the planks or tiles needs replacement, that can be done without having to rip out the whole floor. With click-and-lock, it’s a bit more labor-intensive than with glue-down because you have to unlock the planks starting at the edges of the room to get to the damaged piece.

5. Luxury vinyl is warm, comfortable, and quiet underfoot.

luxury vinyl plank flooring

Luxury vinyl’s multi-layered structure makes it softer to walk on and reduces noise. Those layers also provide insulation, regulating the floor temperature. 

Sheet vinyl, hardwood, stone, tile, and even some laminates will not give your feet the comfort that luxury vinyl does. If you are someone who likes to hang out on the floor just as much as you do on your chairs, then you might want to opt for something that doesn’t give you a backache. 

What’s to love about luxury vinyl? It makes great design possible for something as normal as a floor. It’s durable without being ugly. It’s kid- and pet-friendly. It dampens noise and keeps your feet comfy. And maintenance is really easy.

Ready for your LVT or LVP install? Check us out. 

About this Article: Steve Leid, owner of Eloquin, has years of experience in high-end construction and premium flooring. Steve provided inspiration for this article and collaborated with a copywriter to produce it.

Contact Steve at (419) 920-6210 with any questions about this article or your personal flooring needs.